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STN Beta APK v17.35 [Latest Version] Free for Android

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What kind of movie do you prefer to watch online? Have you ever faced difficulty in finding your favorite video content? We are here with an outstanding app that aims to give you an excellent streaming experience. STN Beta is the revised edition of YouTube that gives a similar experience to YouTube with more advanced functions.  You can use this app to watch a wide variety of content without any subscription charges. Here is a great destination to enjoy nonstop video content including web series, movies, and short videos. This free social media app promises to give you leisure time. Are you willing to watch the trending content without investment? Go through the homepage to understand more about this app from

The STN Beta app is modified with more attractive features giving an amplified experience. If you are tired of spending money on Netflix to access your favorite video content, here is the free choice for you. It has visually appealing graphics and good sound effects that attract many people. This best feature is that you can harmonize the app with the TV to enjoy in bug screen. Don’t you think it’s fascinating? This blossoming platform maximizes the video-watching experience by synchronizing the video content. It records your favorites and suggests more interesting content based on your preferences. Additionally, you can create your own channel to start your journey as a digital creator. So, it’s time to make this app part of your phone screen and watch videos limitlessly.

Features of STN Beta:

HD Quality:

Here you will find a most satisfying video viewing experience. It gives high-quality video playback. Enjoy the vibrant and clear video content.

Diverse Video Content:

You can access the distinctive video categories. You will be thrilled by logical arrangement of different movies, series, TV shows and others. Besides, you can also watch educational videos and lectures of your respective class. This handy STN Beta App supports a huge video library, download it now and watch your favorite drama.

Regular Updates:

You will be notified about any recent uploads and their views. This app is best to watch new movies, K dramas, Web series and much more that are not available on YouTube.

Multiple Languages:

The multiple language facility invites huge users from all over the world. You can see the subtitles and watch the videos in any language.

Remote Control Systems:

You can use this app through your remote by connecting with your TV. It is more user-friendly and gives a traditional touch.

Video Customization:

You can customize and personalize your video content availability. You can subscribe to channels and get your desired items. Besides, you can also set volume, playback speed, and language according to your preference. This app gives more relevant content giving you a chance to watch without any hurdle.

Simple User Interface:

The simple user interface allows users to understand the functioning and navigation easily. Download the app now and get a chance to watch thrilling video content for free.


In conclusion, the STN Beta App is the latest designed for entertainment purposes. It is just like YouTube with higher convenience and efficacy. Download the app now and enjoy high- quality video content.