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ChyngeRap Injector Apk v22 [Latest Version] Free for Android

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4.8 v22 62MB

If you are new to the game then you can use and download ChyngeRap Injector. It has lots of features for you. With the help of these cheats, the users are able to win the battle. So, now be ready to play the game and win the battle. Now the users can give any style to the game according to their choice. If users are new to the game then they are not able to win the battle. That is why I got this mod menu for you. Now you can use it on your Android device to play the game and try to win it. Now do not waste your time use the mod menu on your device and win the battle.

If you heard about the new version of the Free Fire game. The developer added lots of new features to the game. That is why the new users are not able to win a single battle. The developer of ChyngeRap Injector has added lots of cheats to the game. If you are a fan of the Gerena Free Fire then you can use it. So, without our hesitation, you can use it on your device. It has lots of new and trendsetting masterpieces that have arrived for only you. Now with help of it, you can get all the features that you need in the battle. The cheat menu has Aim, ESP, Configuration ESp, FPs, etc. I think you are listening to these features first time.

Get all the benefits that are provided by the ChyngeRap Injector Apk. The cheats are very beneficial for you. Free Fire is an action and shooting game. That you can play on Android Mobile Phones. Now you can get all the features that are needed.

Key Features of ChyngeRap Injector:

To win the game you have to be the last survivor. If you will be the last survivor then you can get the title of the winning game. So, this whole is a painful journey in the game. All users are not able to complete this level. So, this mod menu helps the users to complete the journey in an easy way. You can also use Effort, Skill, Time, Money, and Passion also play a vital role from A to Z. It has multifunction for you. So, you are not going to face hardcore gamers in the game. With the help of it, you can face all the challenges.

ESP Menu:

  • Line, Box, Moco.
  • Fire, Grenade, Alert.
  • Alvo, Enemy Count, Skeleton.
  • Alert for Enemies, Distance, and Configuration.

Aim Menu:

  • Por Tiro Shot, Por Mira Sight.
  • Legit, Crouching.
  • Ignore Knocks, Aim Locally.
  • Head, Body, Leg.
  • Aim Regular.

More Menu:

  • Moco, Fire.
  • Line Local, Line Color.
  • Text Color, Text Size.
  • ESP Simples.
  • FPS, Alert Enemies.

In fact, the users can also get Diamonds, Ucs, Gold, etc. All the features are free of cost for you. It is will help you around the battle. On our site, Apkaround is providing the best tools for users. So, without our hesitation, you can use it in your account. You can use all the user’s needs for the app. And do not worry about anything because it is anti-band. Let’s check all the cheats in the mod menu.


Now click the download button that is available above. VIP ChyngeRap Injector FF has no need for an OBB file. You can use it without it. It is a 3rd part app that has no need for permission. Because the developer had managed it very clearly. It is small in size. That makes it easy to download and use.