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WhatsApp is the major messaging social application on the internet. It is known around the globe and has millions of active users. However, users are always going with the modified versions. Similarly, we are here with DH WhatsApp. Thus, it gives you some of the key features using which you get amazing results. They offer you different themes and fonts for texting and making your interface more amazing Additionally, you can now hide everything, and on the other hand, get control over the messages received or deleted.

Thus, you can see the deleted status and also download the. Furthermore, you can now avail of the more secure application with anti-ban features. The new version of the DH WhatsApp is very different than the official version with the additional functions. However, there is the message scheduler, which gives you an amazing option. Using this facility, you can schedule messages according to time and person. Also, gives you auto-reply features, which is more beneficial for business. Thus, it allows you to get the official features of WhatsApp, along with some of the key additions. So, what else you are looking for? Download the new version now!

Features of DH WhatsApp:

It is ready to make your socializing more interesting with the following modified features.

Themes and Fonts:

You can now avail different themes and fonts for your interface and make it the way you want. Certainly, there is a huge collection of themes for you to put on. Also, got some amazing fonts for making it look unique and amazing.

Hide Everything:

Now, you can have better privacy and security with this application. This version of WhatsApp gives you more control over the features. Now, you can hide the status seen, message seen, recording status, and typing status. Which means you have more control over the DH WhatsApp application.

Download/ Save Status:

Certainly, when you like someone’s status you ask them to send you. But, wait. Not this time, because this application allows you to download and save the status of everyone. Even you can download/save the status of people even if they have deleted it after posting.


Most of us send messages and later delete them. This sometimes causes trouble and cop with this situation. You have got now an amazing anti-delete feature with APK. Now, using this application you can see deleted messages, even pictures and videos as well. Moreover, you can also see the deleted status.


Finally, messaging and socializing are going to be easier for you. This amazing mobile application is a modified version of WhatsApp, with huge transformations. Thus, you are going to get various modified features with this application. However, you may also check updates of DS WhatsApp and SKBA Modz WhatsApp for a more similar experience. Certainly, DH WhatsApp is going to give more updated features. It is free from bugs and viruses. Moreover, it has features like Anti-ban, Anti-delete, Hide everything and much more. All these features are going to make your experience more interesting Download now!