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Get ready to play another Mobile RPG game with some high-quality graphics and an impressive storyline. We bring you the Ever Crisis, which is the modified version of the original Final Fantasy 7 game. Certainly, this game is based on the story of Claude Strife. Who has been a member of the elite member in the past, now turned Assassin. This is an adventure battlefield game with some amazing characters. However, using the new APK version you are going to get the best features of the games for free. Unlock the best gaming experience with this RPG mobile.

Moreover, this amazing game is loved by people from around the world for its solo and team matches. It has got some amazing characters. However, Sephiroth is the most favorite character and is known for his best fighting skills. The latest version of Ever Crisis is launched with some easy customization tools. Now you can easily turn the game into more thrill with customization tools. It allows you to add better weapons and get the best fighting gear for your character. Additionally, you can also visit the APKaround.org for more amazing multiplayer games. Download the latest free game with updated features now!

Features of EVER CRISIS:

Let’s explore some of the key features of this APK version to play the game effectively.

Replicate Historic Instances:

Players have got now access to the game with more functions. Using the amazing APK, users can now replicate the events in the history of Final Fantasy 7. It gives you the chance to create the Crisis Core, Before the Crisis, and the first soldier. Bring more suspense and thrill to the game.

Breathtaking Visuals:

The modified version of the game gives you spectacular gaming visuals. You are going to get the graphics quality based on your device requirements. Thus, you get complete control over your game attributes.

Enhanced Battle Mechanics:

There is an improved combat system in the modified version, which gives you more dynamic battle effects. Indeed, you are going to see more fast and automatic attacks.

Battle Mode:

The latest version of the Ever Crisis gives you more playing options. Certainly, most of the users go with solo battles. However, it also offers you a chance to play with international players. Indeed, you can also invite your friends to play together.

Classic and Innovative Gameplay:

The core theme of the game is similar to the Final Fantasy VII. The gameplay elements like spells, item usage, character customization, and summoning. However, the latest version of APK gives you some modern features. Using these features you get speedup combat in battles and automatic dialogue in certain situations.


Finally, the wait is over, and the modified Ever Crisis version of Final Fantasy VII is launched. This amazing APK version is designed for Android devices for free. You are going to witness the high-quality gaming visuals with this amazing RPG game. Moreover, it is going to give you more customization features. Also, gives you a chance to bring classic and modern gameplay attributes into the game. What are you waiting for? Free download the best adventure and survival mobile game now.