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MonDix Injector Apk v1.21 [Latest Version] Free for Android

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4.8 v1.21 8MB

There are different games in the MOBA. To win the Mobile Legends Bang Bang is not easy so, that is why our site got MonDix Injector from the players. This app is one of the best tools that help users to win the game very easily. If you want to get all the premium items in the game this file is going to help you a lot. To use it the users need to download it from the preset link above. All qualities are added by the developers very clearly. So, you will be able to use them very easily.

MonDix Injector is the most functional file. It is new in the market so, every player does,t knows about it. Now you will be the best player who will try this file on Android Devices. just use it and get all the functional items that can help around the game to win it. Customizing the game is not too easy. Because every item is very costly. So, the user is not able to pay for everything. If you did not want to waste your money on such type of thing then this new tool will be the right choice for you. So, install it, inject the game, and enjoy winning the whole match.

Now you can use it at zero price. The developer had tried to add new skins and costumes to the game. So, everyone comes to get these unique costumes because these features give a new and perfect look to the player. Now it is time to show yourself in the battleground by killing everyone. There are too many new and old players playing the game online. So, that has to be any item to show there self.

Features of MonDix Injector ML:

There are too many new items that will help you in the game. So, read everything very carefully and understand it one by one.

MLBB Skins:

There are more than 20 skins that are waiting for you. So, every costume and hero is present in the Menu.

  • Fighter, Marksman, Assassin
  • Tank, Support, Zilong
  • Chou, Lancelot, Fanny
  • Selena, Ling, Benedetta
  • Hayabusa, Karina, Harith
  • And many more.

Drone View:

All the drone views, including the following.

  • 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x
  • Back-Up, Reset, Tabelet View

Unlock Effects:

Unlock Effect skin with the upgraded skins with these options.

  • 47+ Recalls unlock
  • 11+ Respawn
  • Unclok 12+ Elimination
  • Notification


Few other elements are available in the MonDix Injector.

  • Intro
  • Music
  • Background

Fixed Error and Bug:

Here are a few things that are very important for you.

  • Black Screen, Stuck screen
  • Pink Map, Tower Bug

New Items:

At last, some new items are waiting for you.

  • 30+ Analog, 68+ Motes
  • 30+ Map View, All Emotes
  • Auto Maytic, Supreme Budge
  • Ultra Graphices
  • And many more

If you are facing a different problem. Then now you can see all the high-quality functional items above. So, you can use them without any problem. Now you can defeat your, enemy, easily. No player will be able to compete with you. If you are fighting with a powerful enemy. So, may it has all the skills to kill you. If you are a beginner then you are in trouble. MonDix Injector will help you and provide all the skills to kill the opposite players. Get all the tricks and skills to face any type of pro player.


Now I think you are aviled to do, not waste the money with the MonDix Injector. So, download it right now from the link above and now you will feel your self easy with it. It is going to break the server of the game for you in a few seconds. You can also use them free of cost from our site. Above all these features it is anti-band so, there will be no issue with the band you account for. Without hesitation, you can use it on your Android smartphone. Best of luck with your battle.