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Now I am here with a new app, which is similar to WhatsApp. The mod is known as NFA WhatsApp which provides more features to fulfill your demands. If you have tried many tools on your Android then you will be able to know that those tools are not able to work properly. Because they have been old on the market. That is why we are recommending this latest featured app for you. This app is most popular among the liked other mods. This tool is used by different users, so it is secure to use the app on any Android device. For more details about his tool, the users can read the whole article below.

It is the most advanced version of the official app that has different functions for the users. I know that many users are tired to search the app on the Play Store. So, they are not able to find it. Because it is a third-party app that is only available on our site. So, you can download and install the app from here. All the features in the NFA WhatsApp Apk are free for the users. With our hesitation, they can download it from Apkaround. Whatsapp is one of the best apps for communication. And it has billions of users around the world. Some other apps are similar to WhatsApp like Telegram, line, etc. But Immune WhatsApp is also the best app for users.

The users are complaining that there are not too many features for us. So, that is why the developer and other people are packing up all the features that are added to those tools. You know that there are hundreds of mods available and it is very difficult to find which is the most difficult.

What is VIP NFA WhatsApp Apk?

I read told you that it is challenging to find any tool. That is why now we have got the latest version app for you. The app is updated with new features so, the users do not get bored with the old one. It has another version which is also known as Immune WhatsApp. The app is liked by everyone due to its amazing features. The developer has tried to improve the mod for you. Because he wants to provide all the things that they want. The developer had removed all the bugs and errors from it. Now there is no issue to use the NFA WhatsApp version.

The developer had put the best function for you. That helps the users to give full control over the app. The developer allowed you to customize the app and enjoy its new features of it. It has the best features of the other WhatsApp mods. It has the best features and is packaged into a single application. There are many features that will help many users. It is my wonder that you have to use this tool. It has interesting features and other lacks.

Features of NFA WhatsApp:

Privacy Settings:

  • It provides a full privacy option to give more control over the statutes and chats.

Disable Contacts:

  • You can block unknown contacts. And you will not receive calls and messages.


  • If anyone deletes the message after sending you. Then you will still read it.


  • It allows you to change the theme like pictures, wallpapers, background, etc.


  • Make a customized text to send to any contact who has messaged you when you are busy.


  • You can use this app without any VPN and using your account is safe.


I think it will be the best option for you to use NFA WhatsApp on your Android phone. Because now it is ready to provide all the features that users need in their accounts. If you have any questions then you can ask us in the comment section below.