AD2WhatsApp Apk v33.00 [Latest Version] Free for Android

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4.8 v33.00 64MB

Too many users on different platforms for communication. WhatsApp is one of the apps for texting. But it does not have enough features for users. So, that is why the users are not satisfied with these features of the app. From this region, the developer made a copy of WhatsApp which is known as AD2WhatsApp. It has all the qualities that users need to add to the account. Now you can fulfill your demands with this tool. The developer had updated with the latest version. So, do not waste your time using the app and get all the features that you need.

If you download the latest version app you will enjoy the features of this application. You can hide the online states. Saving your friend’s status, and other features are added to the app. If you read the whole article then you will be able to get knowledge about the AD2WhatsApp. If you will upload any states on the app then you will be able to hide them. It is your choice whether to show it or not. I think this feature has shocked you. If you are a girl then it is the perfect choice. Because it will provide all the access in your hand to do anything you want. This is the best file that is available in

If you are anyone updated apices on the statues then you will able to safe it. But your friend to not know about anything. It is the perfect chance for users to save photos. I think after downloading and using the app on the Android device you will be happy a lot, because of its latest version and its latest features.

More about AD2WhatsApp:

This app is created by one of the best developers. Which what to provide your demands. A developer is an Arabic person. So, the version provides many additional features for the users. The application has too many additional features for the users. It is also popular among many too many users so, now you can also use this app at zero price. It also includes all the features that are also added to WhatsApp. The file has the note version so, I am talking about the brown and the black ones. The app also gives a backup option for the users. I had provided more information about backup below.

If in case you change your phone then all the users will lose their videos, chats, voice chat, images, etc. Do, not worry about anything because AD2WhatsApp allows you to get the messages and restore them when you want. So, it means that everything is safe now. All the things you can do from the “Setting”. If you want anything back then this part can help you. This app has unique features from normal WhatsApp. It has all the abilities that you need in the app. It has been added with thousands of wonderful times that you can change according to your choice.

Features of AD2WhatsApp:

  • The users can save the Whatsapp Status.
  • You can also see all the staus.
  • Run faster than the real WhatsApp.
  • Hide Online Status.
  • It also hides the last scene.
  • Hide conversation from the chats.
  • The best security system is added.
  • Like, Pin, Password, or Fingerprint.
  • You can turn off the internet on Adam WhatsApp only.
  • No, any messages will be deleted from friends.


At the latest, I want to say that AD2WhatsApp is going to help every user. If you want these all features then you have to download them from the top of the link. It is the latest option to save your data. Let’s check the app on the Android device that you have. It is easily run on all the devices like Android. Because of luck that it.